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Books to laugh at and live by About Light...

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A propos de Lumière

Friends “Books to laugh at and live by”, today I wanted to open a discussion about light. Find out what it inspires in you on a daily basis. So here is what it reminds me of...

Learn that the word “Light” has all its importance in my destiny. But twenty years ago, it was still only the flame of a candle which flickered with the first draft of air. I need to strengthen it, and nourish it with beautiful energies.

This quest for meaning obsesses me. I am able to carry it out successfully. Which should allow me to soon combine the man of reflection and the other, that of entertainment which has always stuck with me.

When I say that I harbor several people within me, it is not schizophrenia, but simply a way of explaining the plural meaning of my creativity. Constantly pushing the limits, and dreaming out loud what others are content to dream at ground level.

Enough of these entrenchments, and this pseudo protection that I shelter behind a shield of straw. Life asks me to take risks. I have already taken a very heavy toll by giving up on a "serious" job, with a regular income.

Too many people, from the first interview, analyze you and deliver a final judgment. “You will go into a particular box, and it seems very narrow to you, or even downright uncomfortable, you will make yourself smaller to enter, even if it means contorting yourself if necessary and making your body experience new pains.

Do not hesitate to react...

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